The United States gave TikTok the delay for 15 days

The US authorities granted TikTok a 15-day delay, until November 27, before the ban on the app was imposed, the company said in a notice in the court database.

“The defendant hereby notifies the court that on November 12, 2020, the Committee on foreign investment of the United States granted an extension of the 90-day period… for an additional 15 days, namely from November 12, 2020, to November 27, 2020,” the document says.

Earlier it was reported that the US Department of Commerce will not yet implement the actual ban on the TikTok app, which was supposed to take effect last Thursday.

The US administration has said that the app may be linked to Chinese authorities and monitor users. ByteDance, which owns the app, denies this. In August, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order “on combating the TikTok threat,” in which he gave about a month to stop any transactions with ByteDance in the US jurisdiction.

The US administration’s initial decision prohibited US companies from allowing the TikTok app to be downloaded in their app stores.

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