The United States expanded sanctions against Belarus

The United States expanded the list of sanctions on Belarus, including the Central Commission for elections and Republic referendums, the First Deputy Interior Minister Gennady Kazakevich, and many power units News reported citing the US Treasury.

It is noted that the KGB detachment “Alpha,” the main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee, and the Minsk special police unit (OMON) were included in the sanctions lists.

In early October, the United States imposed sanctions against eight Belarusian officials, including some security officials. Among them is the Secretary of the CEC of Belarus Elena Dmukhailo, the then Interior Minister Yuri Karaev, and his Deputy – commander of the internal troop’s Yuri Nazarenko. Also included in the list were Deputy Interior Ministers Khazalbek Atabekov and Alexander Barsukov, head of the capital’s riot Police Dmitry Balaba, Deputy Chairman of the CEC Vadim Ipatov, and head of the Minsk City Executive Committee’s police Department Ivan Kubrakov.

In November, the US House of Representatives supported a bill giving the US President the power to restrict the entry of members of the Election Commission of Belarus and officials whom Washington considers responsible for the alleged pressure on the media. According to the Congress website, the bill expands the possibilities of assistance to Belarus and includes assistance in “countering Internet censorship,” supporting women and political refugees’ rights.


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