The United States delivered the Patriot air defense system to Romania

Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban took part in a ceremony to receive the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system at the Capu Midia military base on Thursday, the press service of the Romanian Cabinet reported.

In April, the media wrote that Romania asked the United States to purchase Patriot air defense systems. It was also reported that the Romanian government plans to create an integrated air defense system, which, in addition to Patriot, should include six F-16 fighters.

“I am happy to be present at the historic moment when the first Patriot missile system hit the territory of Romania. Romania has made it clear that it has chosen to be a member of NATO, to be a strategic partner of the United States, to be a member of the EU,” Orban was quoted as saying by the government’s press service.

The Prime Minister stressed that Romania fulfills all obligations within the unions. The country decided to implement a 10-year program to re-equip the army and strengthen its capabilities.
Orban noted that the Patriot missile system is a system that has shown exceptional results in combat, and Romania was safer “having these surface-to-air systems on its territory.”

According to the Ministry of national defense, the leading equipment in the first Patriot air defense system from the Romanian air force began to arrive in August. It was sent to the national air defense training center of Brigadier General Ion Bunescu, where the equipment is being tested.