The United States continues to support the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido

This is stated in a statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“The United States continues to support interim President Juan Guaido, the National Assembly, and the people of Venezuela in their struggle to restore democracy in their country,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday.

The US Foreign Minister recalled that on December 7-12, Venezuelans would have the opportunity to express their opinion about the illegal Maduro regime through the Consulta Popular (Popular vote), held under the auspices of the legitimate National Assembly and in accordance with the Constitution of Venezuela.

Pompeo stressed that the popular vote provides a platform for Venezuelans, including those forced to flee abroad under threat of persecution, torture, or death, to demand free and fair presidential and legislative elections. “This is an opportunity to express our support for the transition to democracy in Venezuela and reject the rigged elections,” the US Secretary of State said.

Noting that the Maduro dictatorship has reduced the electoral process in Venezuela to the level of a farce, Pompeo noted that while the Popular vote itself will not end the humanitarian, political and economic crisis caused by the regime, it is an initiative designed to help Venezuelans declare the suffering of the people and give momentum to moving towards truly free and fair elections in the country.

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