The United States can give up nuclear modernization under Biden

The new administration of US President Joe Biden may review the program to modernize the nuclear forces for the subsequent reduction of funding and reduce its role in the Pentagon’s strategy. The Wall Street Journal reports this with reference to the words of ex-officials.

At the same time, the interlocutors of the publication believe that representatives of the Biden administration will reconsider the Pentagon’s decision to develop a new land-based intercontinental ballistic missile, whose cost is estimated at more than $ 100 billion. In this case, it is necessary to develop other types of weapons, the publication notes.

“We must modernize our deterrent forces… But we cannot spend the amount of money that is currently allocated,” the ex-official said.

Former Pentagon chief Mark Esper said earlier that the United States should be ready for “confrontation with Russia and China worldwide.” According to Esper, so that the advantage in the confrontation was on the United States side, the authorities intend to invest in the development of new generation technologies.

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