The United States can allocate $ 3.8 billion for “containment of Russia”

The US House of Representatives Committee on armed forces proposes to allocate $ 3.8 billion to “contain Russia” in the next fiscal year, according to the proposal of the US defense budget Committee.

“Fully Fund the European deterrence initiative and provide an additional $ 3.789 billion for strategic Maritime transport, satellite communications, refueling, underwater, and anti-submarine warfare that strengthen deterrence against Russia,” the document says.

The budget proposal also proposes to allocate $ 250 million for the Initiative to help Ukraine, of which only 50 million can be used for the supply of lethal weapons. The document proposes to extend the complete ban on funding any activity that can be regarded as supporting the violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty in the Crimean issue.

At the same time, the document recommends “continuing to limit (general) military cooperation with Russia, expand it in terms of… bilateral military dialogue to reduce the risk of conflict (between the Russian Federation and the United States)”.