The United States called three Russian helicopters the most dangerous in the world

U.S. military experts have included the Russian Ka-52, Mi-28NM, and Mi-24 in the top five combat helicopters globally, Military Watch magazine reported.

Speaking about the features of the new generation Ka-52 reconnaissance and attack helicopter, experts noted that the Alligator’s coaxial system makes it more effective than foreign competitors.

Thanks to it, it was possible to ensure the noiselessness and compactness of the combat vehicle and increase the payload, observers write.

In their opinion, the helicopter’s heavy weapons are of particular value.

“The Ka-52 can carry weapons that are not typical for an attack helicopter, including the X-31 cruise missiles, as well as the Ataka and Whirlwind missiles, capable of penetrating up to 950 mm and 1000 mm of armor, respectively,” foreign analysts stressed.

They drew attention to the fact that Russia is the only country that produces more than one type of high-quality heavy attack helicopter, including the Mi-28N “Night Hunter.”

It is noted that this aircraft can carry up to 16 anti-tank missiles or eighty 80-mm unguided missiles that provide enormous firepower against enemy armored vehicles and infantry.

According to its flight characteristics, firepower, and ease of maintenance, the Mi-28 is significantly superior to its American competitor Apache and is famous for its ability to fly backward, experts concluded.

In addition, an improved version of the Mi-28NM was subsequently created, capable of carrying air-to-air missiles with infrared homing of the R-74M, which gives it a great advantage in battles with enemy helicopters.

The rating also includes the most formidable attack helicopter of the Cold War era, the Mi-24, which, according to analysts, is still considered one of the best of its kind.

“The upgraded version of the Mi-24P-1M boasts an AESA radar, a new modular direct infrared counteraction system, an autopilot, an improved power supply unit, and an OPS-24N-1L navigation and guidance station,” the authors of the material noted.

They also stressed that the flight characteristics of the Mi-24 allow it to maneuver very close to the ground together with infantry and armored vehicles and fire at urban areas almost at street level.

The “five” also included the American AH-64E “Apache” and the Chinese Z10M.

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