The United States called the timing of the launch of the Delta IV rocket with a military satellite

The launch of the Delta IV Heavy carrier rocket with a reconnaissance satellite for the US armed forces in Florida will take place no earlier than September 28, according to the operator United Launch Alliance (ULA).

“The launch of Delta IV Heavy (for the mission) NROL-44 is now scheduled for no earlier than September 28. The team needs additional time to check and evaluate the arm extension system,” the company said on Twitter.

Initially, the satellite launch was supposed to occur on August 27, but it has already been postponed several times. Earlier, the launch of the rocket from the Cape Canaveral spaceport was canceled due to technical problems related to the operation of the manipulator.

The rocket puts a satellite into orbit for the US national office of military space intelligence (NRO). The NROL-44 mission is secret, so traditionally, for such launches, the broadcast stops shortly after the launch of the launch vehicle. According to specialized publications, during missions, a car the size of a bus is put into orbit, which is currently the most complex and expensive device launched for the US government.