The United States announced the creation of a coalition against “Nord stream-2”

Washington is forming a coalition to prevent the completion of “Nord stream-2,” US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Bild.

According to him, America believes that the gas pipeline creates risks for Europe, as it becomes dependent on Russian gas, and also threatens Ukraine, and this “deeply worries many Germans.”

“We hope that the construction of the “Nord stream-2″ gas pipeline will not be completed, we are working to make sure that a coalition will be created to prevent this. We hope that the German government will come to the same conclusion, because of what happened with Navalny, or because of the real consequences for security, due to dependence on Russian gas,” Mike Pompeo said.

Washington, which promotes its LNG to the European Union, has long been actively opposed to the pipeline. The United States imposed sanctions against the project in December 2019, requiring the companies to lead the laying to stop construction immediately.

Ukraine and some European countries are also against it.

As stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the issues of “Nord stream-2” and the incident with Alexey Navalny should be considered separately. However, there were calls from a number of politicians in Germany to suspend or complete the project altogether.

The Kremlin urged to stop politicizing the gas pipeline, as it is a commercial project. It is beneficial to both Russia and the European Union, and first of all, to Germany.

“Nord stream-2” implements Nord Stream 2 AG with the sole shareholder — Gazprom. European partners-Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper, and Wintershall-collectively Finance the project by 50 percent.