The United States and Russia have submitted to the UN Security Council their draft resolutions on Venezuela

Draft resolution of the Russian Federation

Moscow and Washington have submitted to the UN Security Council resolutions with opposite approaches to the settlement of the situation in Venezuela and the delivery of humanitarian aid there.

The Russian version calls for a peaceful resolution of the crisis through dialogue, including the mechanism developed in Montevideo. A paragraph on humanitarian assistance has also been added to the latest version of the document: “The Security Council recognizes the primary role of the government of Venezuela in initiating, organizing, coordinating and implementing international assistance and other initiatives in its territory, and calls for such assistance to be carried out only with the consent and on the basis of a request by the government of Venezuela.”

In addition, the Russian document expresses “concern about the threats of the use of force against the territorial integrity and political independence of Venezuela, which violates the provisions of article 2.4 of the UN Charter.”

Moscow offers the Security Council to call on the parties to the conflict in Venezuela to settle peacefully in accordance with the Constitution.

Washington’s position

According to a copy of the American draft resolution, it calls for “the beginning of a political process leading to free and fair elections”, as well as “the prevention of further degradation of the humanitarian situation and the delivery of assistance to Venezuela”.

In addition, the draft resolution calls on the UN Security Council “to support the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela and to call on the UN Secretary-General to use his forces to ensure the holding of new presidential elections in the country”. At the same time, the elections held in May 2018, the American document proposes to recognize illegitimate.

One paragraph also calls for “the security of all members of the national Assembly (the Venezuelan Parliament) and members of the political opposition”.

Author: Flyn Braun
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