The United States accused Russia of inaction against cybercriminals

A representative of the FBI leadership said that, despite U.S. requests for help, “nothing has changed.”

U.S. warnings about the harboring of cybercriminals in Russia made to President Vladimir Putin do not seem to have had the desired effect, according to senior representatives of law enforcement agencies and U.S. cybersecurity services.

“There is no indication that the Russian government has taken measures to curb the activities of entities using extortionate programs that operate in a conniving environment that has been created there,” said FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate, speaking at a summit of intelligence services near Washington.

“We asked for help and cooperation in relation to those who, as we know, is in Russia, against whom we have indictments, and we have not seen any action,” Abbate said. – So I would say that nothing has changed in this regard.”

U.S. President Joe Biden twice called on the Russian leader to take measures against cybercriminals operating from Russia-first at a summit in Geneva in June and a month later in a telephone conversation.

After the first negotiations, senior White House officials noted a decrease in the number of attacks using ransomware but did not dare to link these changes to any actions of Moscow.

“The current lack of criminal activity should not be confused with a firm restoration of order,” said Chris Inglis, national director of cybersecurity, later on Tuesday.

“There is a feeling that we can release several cyberpulls and break out of this situation. This will be useful in certain circumstances if we can make a precise shot at a cyber aggressor and knock it out of the network,” Inglis said –” This will not affect the leadership that condones this in any way.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied its involvement in a series of attacks using ransomware and cyberattacks against American companies and infrastructure.
The United States has blamed Russia or Russian-based entities for a series of high-profile attacks, including a hacker attack on the American software developer SolarWinds in December 2020 and an attack on the largest fuel pipeline operator in the United States, the company Colonial Pipeline, on May 7.

Answering the question of whether the United States has reached the point where it is ready to take measures against Russia, the head of the U.S. Cyber Command said that he relies on the White House in this matter.

“It’s obviously up to the president to decide,” General Paul Nakasone said. – But such options will certainly be presented to him for consideration.”

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