The UK to lift quarantine for arrivals from several countries

The UK will soon begin easing restrictions on people entering the country from abroad, and a full list of countries that will not need to spend two weeks in quarantine upon arrival will be published this week, according to a statement from transport Minister Grant Shapps.

From June 8, those arriving in the UK from abroad must spend two weeks in quarantine. Exceptions apply only to those arriving from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, as well as medics who come to help colleagues in the fight against COVID-19, those who work in the transport sector, as well as foreign officials.

“Today, I can confirm that the government will soon begin to relax health restrictions on the British border, allowing passengers in certain circumstances not to follow the self-isolation requirement on arrival in the UK. This will apply to international rail, sea and air services, ” the statement said.

“The single center for biosafety, in close collaboration with the office of public health and the country’s chief medical officer, identified a group of countries and territories where passengers arriving in the UK pose a lower risk to public health without undergoing 14-day self-isolation… I will announce additional details, including a full list of countries and territories that do not need to be quarantined upon arrival, later this week,” Shapps said in a statement.

He also noted that the Foreign Ministry is reviewing the recommendation for UK residents. Currently, the Agency does not recommend that Britons travel abroad unnecessarily. The new proposal will also be announced this week.