The UK plans to increase defense spending

With additional funds, it is planned to create an Agency focused on artificial intelligence and space command.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported the investment program in the country’s armed forces, which is described as the largest since the cold war.

Johnson will set out the details of a four-year financial agreement for the Defense Department on Thursday. According to him, it “transforms” the armed forces, deploying them to potential future threats.

“Since the cold war, the international situation has never been as dangerous and tense as it is now, and Britain must be true to our history and stand by our allies,” he said.

Johnson told lawmakers that the armed forces would receive 16.5 billion pounds on top of the government’s current plans.

As part of the new defense spending, a new Department will be created to deal with artificial intelligence.

Also, it provides for the creation of a “space command” capable of launching the first British rocket by 2022.

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