The UK has introduced quarantine for visitors from Spain

Without any warning, the UK removed Spain from the list of safe countries for travel and introduced two-week quarantine for all entering the country from Spain.

According to one British tourist in Spain, “everyone panicked” after the announcement.

However, British foreign Minister Dominic Raab did not apologize for the sudden decision, explaining it with a recent jump in the incidence of COVID-19 in Spain.

“We can’t apologize. We should be able to take swift, decisive action,” he told Sky News.

Meanwhile, North Korea announced the first alleged case of COVID-19 in the country, placing the blame on a defector who allegedly recently returned to the country. Pyongyang has denied cases of coronavirus infection within the country for several months.

The state news agency KCNA reported that the suspected infected person was placed under strict quarantine.

“Also, all people in Kaesong who had contact with this person, and those who were in the city in the last five days, were taken into account, examined by doctors and placed in quarantine,” the Agency said.

South Africa reported 12,000 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday. However, corruption charges related to a $ 26 billion economic aid package are holding back anti-epidemic efforts in the country. An investigation is underway.

South Africa ranks fifth in the world in the number of detected COVID-19 cases, of which there are more than 434 thousand.

The United States is in the first place (4.1 million cases), followed by Brazil (2.3 million), India (1.3 million), and Russia (more than 800,000).