The U.S. funded coronavirus research in China

The United States has allocated more than $ 3 million to study the risks of the emergence of coronaviruses among bats and their transmission to humans, distributing the grant among several scientific organizations, including the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, The Intercept online publication writes, citing the documentation it requested.

The publication claims that it had at its disposal 900 pages of materials on the topic of American funding of virological research in China, including information about a grant that was allocated through the National Institutes of Health in 2014-2019.

“The project is designed to help find out what factors allow animal coronaviruses to develop and enter the human population through the study of the diversity of viruses in a critical group of animals (bats) in places with a high risk of origin (wildlife markets) in the focus of the emergence of new diseases (China),” the document says.

The Institute of Virology in Wuhan, the future epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, is listed among the grantees.

The publication of the materials gave another reason for speculation that a project funded by American taxpayers could contribute to the emergence of COVID-19.

The U.S. intelligence community has previously admitted that it does not have enough information to determine whether the coronavirus is a natural phenomenon or was the result of a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan.

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