The Trump administration will send new rapid tests for COVID-19 to states

The rapid test allows you to determine the presence or absence of the virus within 15 minutes.

The administration of Donald Trump announced that the “vast majority” of rapid tests for COVID-19 purchased from Abbott Laboratories last month will be sent to state authorities to support the opening of critical infrastructure in the United States.

As part of a $ 750 million deal, the administration purchased 150 million tests from Abbott, which will begin delivering the trials later this month. The company says it is ramping up production and aims to produce more than 50 million COVID-19 tests a month by October to meet the high demand.

According to the administration, the priorities are assistance in opening kindergartens and schools, as well as testing people who provide primary health care and people with special needs.

The Abbott rapid test, which received emergency use approval from the food and drug Administration (FDA) last week, allows you to get the result in just 15 minutes and correctly diagnoses the presence or absence of coronavirus in about 97% of cases.

Abbott says that the rapid test uses the same technology as the pregnancy test, but in the case of the COVID-19 test, it does not detect the presence of hormones in the urine, but proteins in the saliva.

The administration says that the easy-to-use test, which costs only $ 5, will significantly reduce the long waiting time for test results on COVID-19. The test is currently approved for use only in medical facilities, emergency departments, and schools.

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