The Trump administration wants to deliver 7 large shipments of weapons to Taiwan

The package will include missiles capable of hitting Chinese targets.

The administration of Donald Trump wants to sell Taiwan seven large shipments of weapons, including missiles that will allow Taiwanese aircraft to hit Chinese targets in the event of a conflict, according to US media.

Citing unnamed officials, the New York Times, and CNN reported that if approved by Congress, the multi-billion-dollar packages would be one of the most massive arms shipments to Taiwan in recent years.

According to media reports, the administration plans to inform lawmakers about the sales within a few weeks.

Of particular importance is the air-to-ground AGM-84H / K SLAM-ER missile manufactured by Boeing, writes The New York Times. Because of its range, this missile can be launched from aircraft beyond the reach of the Chinese air defense system. The missiles can hit targets on the Chinese mainland or at sea, including warships attempting to cross the Taiwan Strait.

The missiles can be used with F-16 fighter jets that the US previously sold to Taiwan. Last year, the Trump administration announced that it had sold $ 8 billion worth of 66 such aircraft to Taiwan.

The packages also include unmanned aerial vehicles, a truck-mounted rocket artillery system, harpoon ground-based anti-ship missiles, and sea mines, according to sources.