The Trojan may end up in external chargers and power supplies

Cybersecurity experts have concluded that virus software can enter the phone through an external charger.

According to experts, attackers can embed malware into external chargers and publicly available power supplies. It only takes one connection to transmit a virus.

A malicious program that gets on the phone can, for example, transfer data to attackers. Therefore, the authors of the article recommend not charging mobile devices using unknown chargers and paying attention to the manufacturer when buying a new one. It is noted that at the moment, more than 20 million phones are secretly infected with viruses that mine cryptocurrency.

The authors of the article advise not to enable Android device users “Developer Mode,” as it is more vulnerable to attacks.

When using public chargers, pay attention to mobile phone notifications: if your mobile phone prompts you to like, “do you trust this device?” Be vigilant. After you choose “yes,” the third party device will have the right to control your phone.

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