The topic of the first debate between Trump and Biden became known

US presidential candidates will discuss six issues that most Americans are currently concerned about.

Journalist Chris Wallace, the moderator of the first debate of the US presidential candidates, which will be held on September 29, revealed six main topics discussed in the discussion by Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The Republican and Democratic candidates will discuss their previous actions in high government positions, filling a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, racism and the surge in violence in American cities, and ensuring fair elections are held. The topics were chosen by moderator Chris Wallace, a journalist working for Fox News.

The debate will begin at 21: 00 east coast time. Candidates will have 15 minutes to discuss each topic during the hour-and-a-half discussion. The list of issues may change in connection with the development of events.

The first presidential debate is scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio.