The Top Reasons to Consider an Accelerated BSN

There’s definitely no shortage of career options to choose from when it comes to healthcare. As long as there are people in the world, professionals to look after their health are always going to be needed, and nurses make up some of the most important people keeping the healthcare system as we know it going. However, a massive shortage of nurses across the country is leading to a higher demand than ever before. Today, nurses are enjoying excellent salaries, job security, and opportunities for progression. There are several initiatives and reasons for people to consider joining this role, not least when it comes to helping others and knowing that you are making a big and real difference to lives simply by doing your job. Getting a BSN is the best way to get into nursing with better career opportunities, more advancement options, and better pay for nurses with this qualification. And what’s even better is that some people can get it done in half the time.

Save Time:

If you want to change your career to nursing and already have a bachelor’s degree in a different subject, spending four years getting a BSN might not be the most appealing of ideas. Many bachelor’s degrees don’t just focus on the subject at hand but also require you to complete a range of courses to get the qualification, which you may already have completed with another subject. If you are already degree-educated and are looking to change your career to nursing, accelerated BSN programs from Baylor University are an ideal option for building on your current knowledge and education to become a qualified nurse in around half the time it would take traditionally.

Save Money:

Many people who want to change their career to nursing are worried about the impact of borrowing more student loans to pay tuition for their nursing degree on top of the qualifications that they already have. Getting an ABSN degree can also be an ideal way to pay less for getting qualified and changing your career. Since this degree program typically takes around half the time compared to a traditional BSN program and tuition fees are paid by the semester or by the academic year, you might end up paying only half of what you’d normally expect to qualify as a nurse. In addition to that, with nurses in higher demand than ever before right now, there’s an abundance of scholarships and other support programs available to help aspiring nurses who might struggle financially.

Study Online:

If you want to change your career to nursing but are not able to quit your current job and throw yourself into studying full-time, the good news is that you can get your accelerated BSN qualification online. While you might need to arrange some time off work to take part in clinical practice roles and build up the on-the-job experience that you will need once qualified as a nurse, for the most part, an online degree program allows you more control over your own time and the option to study at home, which can be ideal for those who need to continue working. Some online degree programs require you to be online at certain times while others are completely flexible, allowing you to choose the study schedule that fits you best.

More Straightforward Learning:

Since accelerated BSN programs tend to move at a much faster pace compared to traditional BSN program and are designed for people who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different subject, you can typically expect the course to be a more straightforward, focused option that gets straight to the point. An ABSN will skip past all the stuff that you’ve probably learned before and is much more focused on getting results and providing you with the skills and knowledge that you need to start your career in nursing as soon as possible. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that because of this, the program itself can be very intense.

Improved Career Opportunities:

Getting a BSN in general will lead to better career opportunities for you as a nurse, with more and more healthcare employers now actively hiring nursing who are BSN-educated. In the state of New York, BSN-qualified nurses are in higher demand than ever as the pressure builds on registered nurses who do not possess this qualification to get their BSN within ten years of starting their career, thanks to new laws that are expected to be introduced as standard in other states in the future, in order to improve patient care and nursing education. Getting an ABSN is often even better for getting a nursing role straight away after graduating since these programs often rely heavily on hands-on learning, giving you the chance to build relationships with local healthcare employers as a student.

Excellent Career Opportunities:

Getting your BSN with an accelerated BSN program does not mean that your qualification is any different to a typical four-year BSN. In fact, you may be viewed more highly by some employers who understand the amount of work and dedication that it has taken you to get this degree qualification in half the time that it typically takes while changing from a different career at the same time. Once you have a BSN on your resume, you will enter a world of growing career opportunities for nurses. A BSN is typically the minimum requirement for a wide range of more advanced nursing roles, and you will usually need this qualification if you want to go on to study for a master’s degree in nursing or similar advanced degree program. With a BSN, you will have opportunities to specialize in a wide range of different areas, work your way up the ladder to a nurse leadership role, train to become a nurse practitioner or nurse midwife, and much more.

If you’re not satisfied in your current career and feel called to work as a nurse, an ABSN program is the ideal way to build on your current qualifications and knowledge to get into the industry as quickly as possible.

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