The tiny CMU lunar rover Cubsat is sandboxing. Soon he will be on the moon!

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have tested their miniature robot type CMU, which will be sent to the moon in 2021. About this writes TechCrunch with reference to NASA representatives.

The tiny lunar rover Iris will go to the moon on the Astrobotic’s Peregrine, which won the NASA competition two years ago to develop the best low-cost moon mission.

The first test of Iris under conditions close to lunar will take place in the summer of 2020, and now scientists are analyzing the capabilities of the rover in the laboratory – in a large sandbox.

Small moon rover

The weight of the CMU is only 1.8 kg, and the dimensions are comparable to a small toaster. In this case, the device will be the first rover to study the moon, which will be assembled only in the United States from American parts.

If the Iris mission is successful, scientists plan to scale the project with the assembly of CMU rover-cubsat. They hope that they will be able to open a new market for private space research in space due to the low cost of such devices.

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