The timing of the decision on “Nord stream-2” has been revealed

The decision to withdraw “Nord stream-2” from under The EU gas directive or not will be adopted by employees of the Federal grid Agency of Germany “as soon as possible,” Free News reports. It is assumed that the response to the request of the Russian pipeline operator will be negative.

As earlier reported, the European Union approved amendments to energy legislation, according to which companies independent of the pipe owners can operate pipelines from third countries. “Nord stream-2” is subject to restrictions because the pipeline and its operator, Nord Stream 2 AG, are owned by Gazprom. The Russians applied for exemption from the new amendments with the German Federal Network Agency.

The Agency’s representative, Fite Wulf, noted that applications for withdrawal from the updated legislation should be considered by May 24.

“It is planned to make a decision as soon as possible,” the Agency quoted Woolf as saying.

Journalists of the Handelsblatt newspaper note that with a high probability, the request of the operator of “Nord stream-2” will be rejected since the gas pipeline was not put into operation in May 2019, as planned. It is noteworthy that the Russians have already expressed their readiness for such a development and intend to defend the right to be exempt from amendments in court.

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