The threat of war looms over the US and China

The threat of inciting war loomed over the United States and China because of the exercises with the firing of Chinese ships, which began after the US Navy entered the South China Sea, writes the Express edition.

The author of the article notes that Beijing’s claims to this region overlap with six other neighboring countries’ interests. For its part, the United States completely rejects China’s interests in these waters and sends warships to patrol the “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea.

The article states that the Chinese Navy initiated live-fire and long-range weapons exercises as soon as the American landing ships Makin Island and Somerset entered the region’s waters.

The publication notes that all type 056A corvettes of the Chinese Navy — Enshi, Yongzhou, and Guangyuan-took part in the operation. The exercises included the destruction of a simulated enemy ship and missile interception training.

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