The text of the resolution on impeachment to Trump is published

CNN has published the text of a resolution on Donald Trump’s impeachment, which, according to him, will be submitted to the House of Representatives.

The document requires the current president to be impeached, and in the future, to ban him from holding any elected office. The text of the resolution differs slightly from the first version, previously published by the authors-Congressmen David Cicilline, Jamie Ruskin, and Jerrold Nadler. However, the article of impeachment itself — “Sedition” – and the requirements remained the same.

“Donald Trump deserves to be impeached and tried, removed from office, and banned from holding and enjoying any honorable, trusted, or lucrative public office in the United States,” the document says.

The head of the House Internal Affairs Committee, George McGovern, said he expected the resolution to be submitted for discussion on Wednesday or Thursday.

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