The tensions of the Trump period have been replaced in NATO by solidarity

According to former White House official Charles Kupchan, “this was facilitated by Joe Biden’s assurance that the United States considers its defense commitment to its allies as a “sacred duty.”

The transatlantic tensions of the previous US President, Donald Trump, have been replaced in NATO by the solidarity of the alliance’s allies and mutual trust. This opinion was expressed by Charles Kupchan, former Senior Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council (NSC) of the White House, commenting on the results of the summit meeting held by NATO in Brussels.

“There were no big surprises at the NATO summit. The biggest finding is that the last four years of transatlantic tension have been replaced by allied solidarity and mutual trust. This was facilitated by the assurance of [current US] President [Joe] Biden that the United States considers its defense commitment to its allies as a “sacred duty,” Kupchan said.

He is currently a senior fellow at the non-governmental Council on Foreign Relations and a professor at the prestigious Georgetown University, located in the US capital. He worked in the NSC in 2014-2017 – during the tenure of the head of the US administration Barack Obama.

From the expert’s point of view, “the harsh rhetoric [at the alliance summit] against Russia was expected – given the poor state of relations between the governments of [NATO member states] and Moscow.” “It was not surprising that the North Atlantic Alliance expressed concern about China’s steps – in light of the growing alarm on both sides of the Atlantic about Beijing’s increasing power and ambitions,” the expert is convinced.

“Rather,” he says, ” the references to China at both the Group of Seven [in the UK] and NATO summits have been more calibrated and measured than they could have been, given Washington’s apparent alarm at China’s rise.” “Europeans are treading carefully when it comes to Beijing, because of the deep economic ties with China. The final communique adopted at the summits of both the G7 and NATO suggest that Washington and its allies are working hard to find compromise rhetoric that suits everyone, ” the former White House official believes.

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