The Taliban promised to give women in hijab access to education and work

The representative of the Taliban movement, Suhail Shaheen, said that women in hijab in Afghanistan would have access to education and work and noted that the United States should not try to change the culture of the country.

“Women’s rights will be respected. They will have no problems with getting an education or the opportunity to work. But we (Afghanistan and the United States) should not try to change each other’s culture. Your words that women without a hijab should have access to education are an attempt to change the culture. This is acceptable for you. In our culture, they (women) can get an education, work, wearing a hijab,” Shaheen said on Fox News.

Earlier, a high-ranking representative of the Taliban movement, Wahidullah Hashimi, said that the council of Islamic theologians would decide on the issue of mandatory clothing for women. At the same time, the Taliban stated that they do not require women to wear a burka that completely covers the body, limiting themselves to a hijab – a headscarf that leaves the face open.

The representative of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that there would be no female ministers in the new government of Afghanistan. Against the background of such statements, demonstrations of women activists were held in Kabul and Herat demanding respect for their rights and participation in the government of Afghanistan.

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