The symptoms of a new strain of coronavirus are listed

The Public Health Agency of England has listed the symptoms of a new strain of coronavirus.

The new strain was named lambda and was initially detected in Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Ecuador at the end of 2020. Scientists believe that it differs from other strains by mutations in the spike protein, which affects the degree of contagion. However, at the moment there is no data that the virus can provoke a more severe course of COVID-19.

The main symptoms also do not differ from other strains. Scientists attribute to them an increase in temperature, a continuous cough, loss of smell and taste. The strain has not yet been added to the list of “causes of concern,” which is formed by the WHO.

At the moment, this list includes alpha, beta, gamma, and delta strains. At the end of June, it was reported that 20 cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus were detected in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which was given the name “delta plus.” The new variant of the virus is characterized by the presence of the K417N mutation in the spike protein, which can reduce the activity of antibodies in people who have been ill and vaccinated.

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16 thoughts on “The symptoms of a new strain of coronavirus are listed”

  1. So does that mean if you’re ill & have been vaccinated, the only way to tell the difference between the original virus is if this mutation is present which can slow and or reduce the activity of antibodies? Activity of antibodies? I would presume that means the ability of the antibodies to fight off this new variant?

      • Not even close. Look at the positivity rates where lots of people have been vaccinated. Check the hospitalizations and the death rate, too. All are down because of those of us who got vaccinated. Please don’t spread false information and research before you parrot something that you have heard.

  2. Stupid people do not know a new strain of corona-19 from an old strain, because they do not believe that any strain exists! They will be the breeding ground for all strains.

  3. I’m I understanding this article correctly? Because if people sit back and think about all the science you’ve learned over the years . What we were being told about Covid 19 didn’t make any scientific sense. The vaccine isn’t like any other vaccine. It distorts your white blood cells. In reality your body needs them, to fight off sickness.

  4. Who all heard the virus was man made? Think about what’s happening. How much fear your in daily. Did you take the vaccine? They got you!


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