The Supreme Court will hear arguments in cases about Trump’s financial documents

The President appealed to the court summons demanding to provide his tax and financial documents.

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear arguments on appeals against three lower court decisions on subpoenas requiring the provision of financial and tax documents of President Donald Trump.

Trump appeared in court last year’s subpoenas of several committees of the House of Representatives and the New York district attorney’s office, which requested information from the accounting company Mazars and the banks Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

Trump does not want to disclose his personal and corporate information and has departed from the long-standing tradition that presidential candidates publish their tax returns. Lower courts have ruled against Trump, but the data remains classified until the end of appeals to the Supreme Court.

The requests relate to congressional investigations into illegal activity in the banking system, as well as payments for silence made by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, to two women who claimed they had an intimate relationship with the President.

Supreme Court justices will have to determine whether House committees have the authority to send subpoenas to third-parties demanding the President’s data.
Trump’s lawyers insist that to obtain the President’s financial information; lawmakers must provide a legitimate legislative justification.

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