The Supreme Court upheld the President Trump the issue of access to his tax returns

The profile Committee of the House of Representatives will not be able to access the financial documents of the President of the United States yet.

The US Supreme court has extended its ruling on a lower court ruling that Donald Trump’s accounting firm had to turn over its financial documents to a House Committee.

The decision will remain in effect until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear Trump’s appeal of the lower court’s decision.

President Trump may until December 5 to appeal. However, it is not known whether it will be considered and what the verdict may be.

The US President appealed to the Supreme Court after the district of Columbia Court of Appeals rejected his request on November 13 to ban the provision of financial documents to the House Oversight Committee.

The President’s lawyers called the House Committee’s demand illegal.

The fight over trump’s financial records is part of a larger standoff between the President and Democrats, who control the lower house of Congress and are conducting numerous investigations – including an impeachment investigation.

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