The Supreme Court has demanded to deprive Guaido of parliamentary immunity

Legislative Assembly, loyal to Maduro, will consider the issue of deprivation of immunity Guaido. The interim President called on supporters to come to a large-scale demonstration

The Supreme Court of Venezuela urged to deprive of parliamentary immunity of the provisional President Juan Guaido. The corresponding requirement was sent to the Legislative Assembly loyal to Nicolas Maduro.

Concerning Juan Guaido in Venezuela is currently conducting two investigations. At the end of March, the head of the General control Directorate of Venezuela removed the interim President from the post of head of the Parliament, as well as banned him from holding public office for 15 years. The opposition leader said that the decree issued by the chief auditor of the country has no legal force.

Guaido calls for protests

In turn, Juan Guaido again called on the Venezuelan people to go to demonstrations against problems with water supply and continued power outages. “We will protest and make demands, we will take to the streets of Venezuela, because we have the right to do so”, the interim President said in a statement issued on Monday, April 1.

Demonstration called “Operation Liberty”, which starts in Venezuela on April 6, according to the statements of Guaido aimed at the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro. The interim President accuses the Venezuelan leader of falsifying the election results.

Author: Flyn Braun
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