The stewardess told how flight attendants could take revenge on pilots

A former stewardess of an American airline told why flight attendants conflict with pilots and how they take revenge, reports Express.

She recalled the “constant bullying” and noted that she had somehow misused eye drops. “Many former flight attendants recall the dislike they felt for the pilots. They considered themselves “masters of the sky” and were rude, for example, when flight attendants served them food,” the expert said.

The crew members could not go to an open conflict, but they found a way to take revenge. “When I was working, Smoking was still allowed on Board. The flight attendants moved around the cabin in clouds of smoke, which caused tears to flow. Because there were a lot of eyes drops in the medicine cabinet,” said a former employee of the airline. After receiving an unfair reprimand from a pilot, she added this medicine to his coffee. The drug had a strong laxative effect.

There was always a special attitude towards pilots, the expert recalls. Special food was ordered for them-fine restaurant dishes. And they never ate the same food. This is a safety requirement that precludes a situation where all crew members would have been injured if they had been poisoned.

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