The state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against China over the coronavirus pandemic

The attorney general of the state of Missouri filed a lawsuit in the US court against China. Eric Schmitt accuses Beijing of hiding information about a new coronavirus, which, in his opinion, has harmed the state’s population.

The lawsuit says that China is responsible for the emergence of a pandemic that could have been prevented. Schmitt believes that Chinese authorities should have closed the country faster. He also accuses them that they have silenced the whistleblowers who tried to warn about the ways of transmission of coronavirus from person to person.

For Missouri, as emphasized in the lawsuit, the situation caused, among other things, economic harm, causing a sharp increase in unemployment.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday called the lawsuit filed in Missouri a “mockery of the legal process.” “The charges have no basis in fact or reality. Since the beginning of the outbreak, the Chinese government has informed the US and other states about the development of the situation in the most open manner,” the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.
In the United States, several other private lawsuits have been filed against China. Also, the ABC broadcaster reported that three New Yorkers filed a complaint with the World Health Organization (WHO) in court. They accused it of colluding with Beijing in informing about the pandemic.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced a temporary suspension of WHO funding, accusing the organization of “management failures” in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. According to Trump, who overly trusted China and missed the opportunity to stop the pandemic at the beginning of its development. The World Health Organization later rejected these claims. The US President also warned China that it faces consequences if it turns out that it deliberately allowed an outbreak to develop into a pandemic. Trump has repeatedly stressed that he does not trust the official Chinese statistics ON COVID-19 cases.

Representatives of both leading US political parties have expressed doubts about Beijing’s actions in the early stages of the epidemic. Democrats accuse the Republican President himself of downplaying the danger of the coronavirus and failing to sufficiently prepare the country for the epidemic. The American administration is accused of insufficient testing of the population and lack of medical equipment. In terms of the number of cases and victims of COVID-19, the US remains in first place in the world – almost 820 thousand infected and more than 45 thousand dead.

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