The State Department asked think tanks to disclose sources of foreign funding

The Secretary of State Pompeo said that foreign governments are using these organizations to influence US foreign policy.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has demanded that the US think tanks publicly disclose foreign funding sources if they want to continue working with the State Department.

In a statement, the head of American diplomacy noted that China and Russia “are trying to influence US foreign policy through lobbyists, external experts, and think tanks.”

“The State Department maintains close ties with the academic community, think tanks, and various external sources of expertise in the field of international relations for the promotion of the interests of the United States,” said Pompeo. “At the same time, we welcome the diversity of opinions.”

“However, we remember that some foreign governments, such as the governments of the people’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, are trying to influence US foreign policy through lobbyists, external experts, and think tanks,” the Secretary of State said.

According to him, due to the unique role of analytical centers in international relations, their transparency in relation to foreign funding is becoming more important than ever.

“To protect the objectivity of civil society institutions, the State Department now requires think tanks and other foreign policy organizations that want to cooperate with the State Department to place prominently on their websites information about the funding they receive from foreign governments, including publicly owned or managed subsidiaries,” Pompeo said.

He noted that the Agency’s employees would “take into account whether the information was disclosed, as well as specific sources of funding when deciding on the feasibility and forms of cooperation.”

“We hope that soon US efforts to promote a free and open dialogue about economic and personal freedom, citizen equality, the rule of law, and a genuine civil society will be possible in places like China and Russia,” Pompeo concluded.

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