The Spanish capital is again closed for quarantine on COVID-19

The Spanish authorities decided to close the capital for quarantine.

This is due to an increase in cases of coronavirus in Madrid.

According to representatives of the local Ministry of health, “the health of Madrid is the health of Spain.”

To date, the Spanish capital accounts for more than a third of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection.

It is known that the situation has changed over the past two weeks.

As part of the quarantine, residents of the capital will be banned from leaving the city, except for a few cases.

Local bars and restaurants will be forced to reduce working hours.

More than six residents of the city will not be allowed to gather in crowded places.

It also became known that the government of the country managed to influence the decision of the municipality as a result of which a more stringent version of restrictions was used.

Recall that since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain, 749 thousand people have become carriers of the virus.

The virus has claimed the lives of 31 thousand patients.

Last spring, the government imposed a strict quarantine in the country, which was lifted only at the beginning of the summer.

However, the increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection has again forced the country’s authorities to return to restrictive measures in some areas of Spain.