The socialists won 68.4% of the vote in the Venezuelan parliamentary elections

The Alliance of socialist parties of Venezuela, based on counting 98.63% of ballots, is gaining more than 68% of votes in the elections to the National Assembly, the National electoral council of the Republic reported.

“On Monday, December 7, 98.63% of the final lists were submitted, the turnout was 30.5% of registered voters, which is 6,251,080 valid votes,” the Council said on Twitter.

According to published data, the Great Patriotic pole of Simon Bolivar-the Alliance of socialist parties of Venezuela, which includes the ruling United Socialist party, is gaining 4,277,926 votes (68.43%) in the elections to the unicameral Parliament. Almost 1.1 million people (17.52%) voted for the second-placed Democratic Alliance.

This result will allow deputies of the socialist Alliance to occupy 75% of political positions in the National Assembly, at least 36 of the 48 positions.

Elections to the National Assembly were held on Sunday with the participation of 107 political parties and associations, more than 14 thousand candidates in total. More than 20 parties, including the party of opposition leader Juan Guaido, refused to vote.

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