The soccer players lost to the Federation

Members of the United States women’s soccer team did not achieve an increase in salaries.

The Federal court in California did not satisfy the claim of the players of the women’s football team to the US Soccer Federation.

Female athletes declared that they receive a lower salary compared to the players of the men’s national team and face discrimination because they are provided with the worst training conditions and the worst hotels.

The judge returned a verdict on the first count. He concluded that the earnings of women’s team players are higher than those of men’s team players in general and on average for each game. A decision on the second point of the claim will be made in mid-June.

Representatives of the plaintiffs said they would appeal the verdict.

Members of the national team have been campaigning for several years to increase their salaries and fees. The US soccer Federation declared that these charges are groundless since collective agreements set the terms of monetary payments.

The United States women’s soccer team has won the World Cup four times (most recently in 2019) and the Olympic Games the same number of times.