The Simpsons have been renewed for two more seasons

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According to Variety, Fox has extended the animated comedy series “The Simpsons” for two more seasons – the 33rd and 34th.

According to the publication, after the 34th season ends in 2023, the number of episodes in the cult show will be 757. Variety also notes that the anniversary 700th episode will be released on March 21st.

“Everyone at The Simpsons is pleased that the series has been updated again. We are planning many big surprises. Homer will lose his hair, Milhouse will get contact lenses, and Bart will celebrate his tenth birthday for the thirty-third time,” the cartoon creator, Matt Groening, says.

The Simpsons are the longest-running animated series in American television history. The show debuted on Fox in December 1989 and has been around for over 30 years.

During this time, the series, which pokes fun at the average American lifestyle, has received many prestigious awards and prizes, including 34 Emmy Awards, 34 Annie and seven People’s Choice Awards.

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