The shutdown has cost the US government $3.6 billion

The US losses from the suspension of the activities of some government agencies due to lack of funding (shutdown) have already reached $3.6 billion, said the chief economist of the rating Agency Standard & Poor Beth Ann Bovino. According to her, if the shutdown continues for another two weeks, then the total losses to the US economy will reach $6 billion.

“This may seem like a penny for the world’s largest economy, but it means a lot to those workers who are trying to cover their household expenses without salaries,” said the S&P expert, quoted by CNBC.

On December 22, 2018, the work of the US government was partially suspended, as Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a budget.

The shutdown of the US government due to the lack of budget has broken a historic record for the duration of the shutdown. It is expected that Congress will continue to be in a state of uncertainty.

The Associated Press writes about it.

The Agency notes that the 22-day suspension of the government has become the longest in the history of the United States. The previous record was set when the President was Bill Clinton — then the shutdown will last 21 days (from 16 December 1995 to 5 January 1996).

Author: Flyn Braun
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