The shares against the rise in gasoline prices in Paris detained more than 100 people

Police officers detained at least 107 people during protests in Central Paris, provoked by rising gasoline prices and increased taxes. This was stated by French Prime Minister Edward Philippe, reports Le Figaro.

According to the head of the government of the Republic, up to 5.5 thousand people took to the streets of the French capital with a protest, and 36 thousand people are now participating in actions across the country.

“I’m shocked that in the protests was involved symbol of France — said the Prime Minister, referring to the capture of the demonstrators space around the Eternal flame and the Tomb of the unknown soldier near the Triumphal arch and inscriptions made on the arch. – Nothing can be forgiven if it is only a desire to destroy, provoke the forces of law and order, to make statements about the revolution and if it does not apply to the issues raised by the President of the Republic.”

He stressed that the demonstrators provoke the police and use violence against them. On one of the Central streets of Avenue de la Grande Armée, which stretches from the Triumphal arch, protesters burned three cars.

As a result of the clash of protesters with the police, RT France journalist Luca Leger was wounded. On his Twitter, he wrote, “I was shot by a police officer.” The head of the French RT Ksenia Fedorova noted that currently he is being provided with medical care.

In addition to him, according to the Paris police, injured at least ten people, including three law enforcement officers. According to the representative of the police of the French capital Joanna Primver, detain those who throw various shells and holding weapons.

Protests against rising fuel prices have been held throughout France since November 17. In total, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic, the country organized more than 1.5 thousand shares. Their participants built barricades on the Elysian fields, broke bus stops, broke shop Windows, attacked police officers. Commenting on the riots, President Emmanuel Macron last Sunday, November 25, said that the actions of the protesters-is “shame”.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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