The Senate is holding hearings with the heads of Facebook and Twitter

Hearings in the Legal Committee are devoted to censorship and suppression of voters’ will in the context of elections.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday on issues of censorship and voter suppression in the context of the 2020 election.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are taking part in the hearing. They perform in a remote format.

This includes section 230 of the telecommunications decency act, which protects companies from liability for user content.

According to the prepared text of Dorsey’s speech, he calls on Congress to work with technology companies and civil society to build a “flexible Internet that people will trust.” In his opinion, removing section 230 or introducing a reactionary censorship policy would not solve the existing problems and would be contrary to the first amendment to the Constitution.

Zuckerberg’s speech focuses on initiatives launched by Facebook in the run-up to the election that aims to support democratic institutions and protect the electoral process’s integrity.

According to Zuckerberg, removing section 230 could lead to heavy censorship, as online platforms will be held accountable for everything users say. In the absence of this section, however, platforms may face the threat of legal action even for basic moderation, such as deleting hateful comments. The head of Facebook calls for updating this section and expresses readiness to cooperate with Congress in this direction.

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