The Senate confirmed Antony Blinken to the post of Secretary of State

Earlier, Blinken’s candidacy was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved the nomination of Antony Blinken for the post of Secretary of State. In a midday vote on the full Senate issue, 78 senators voted in favor of Blinken’s confirmation, 22 against.

Earlier, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Blinken’s appointment as Secretary of State, paving the way for a vote in the full Senate.

Blinken’s candidacy, nominated by President Joe Biden, was supported by 15 members; 3 voted against it.

“The world is on fire; there are crises in every region and hemisphere that need urgent resolution,” Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the committee, said before the committee vote, expressing hope that the Senate will confirm Blinken as early as this week.

Author: Steve Cowan
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