The Senate Committee has approved the nomination of John Sullivan to the post of US Ambassador to Russia

The full Senate must now approve John Sullivan’s nomination.

Senator Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, held a meeting at which members of the Committee approved the nomination of John Sullivan, nominated by President Donald Trump for the post of US Ambassador to Russia. This is stated in a statement released today by the Committee on foreign relations.

In addition to Sullivan, the Committee also endorsed 14 candidates for various diplomatic posts, including ambassadors extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Georgia and Lithuania.

“I am very pleased that John Sullivan, nominated for the post of US Ambassador to Russia, was nominated for a vote of the full Senate. As we now see that Russia has grown stronger and is trying to undermine the world order and regain the prestige it had during the Soviet Union, we must make it clear to the Russians that we value relations with them. Mr. Sullivan’s experience as Deputy Secretary of state has given him a clear understanding of the many problems we have [in relations] with Russia, and the experience to navigate both the American and Russian systems. I hope the Senate will soon confirm Mr. Sullivan,” Jim Risch said in a statement.

Risch added that on Wednesday, Committee members approved 14 nominees for other diplomatic posts and a range of promotions for current state Department employees. Career diplomats Robert Gilchrist and Kelly Degnan, who was nominated by the President to serve as ambassadors to Lithuania and Georgia, were also nominated for a vote in the Senate.

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