The second case of the day: in Ohio, the shooting killed 7 people

The shooting occurred on Sunday night in Dayton, Ohio. According to the local newspaper Dayton Daily News, the result was killed, presumably, seven people.

Currently, the police and doctors are working at the scene. According to preliminary data, one of the shooters was killed, the police are conducting an operation to find the alleged second offender.

This is the second shooting in the US in 24 hours. On Saturday, the man opened fire at the Walmart store on the territory of the shopping center in El Paso. The shooter has been apprehended: it was the 21-year-old American Patrick Cruzio. Before the attack, he published a Twitter Manifesto in which he supported the terrorist attack that occurred in March in a mosque in New Zealand, and said that because of the migrants suffering culture and the US economy. As a result of shooting 20 people were killed and another 26 were wounded.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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