The second batch of American ventilators was delivered to Russia

The US Embassy called the delivery “humanitarian aid from the American people.”

A plane arrived in Russia on Thursday with 150 ventilators from the United States, sent as part of the cooperation between the two countries in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the American Embassy in Moscow said.
Russia ranks third in the world in the number of cases of infection: on Thursday, another 8,831 new cases were recorded, and their total number reached 441,108. Over the past 24 hours, 169 people have died from the coronavirus.

The total number of deaths in Russia is 5384, which is significantly lower than in many countries. In this regard, there are disputes about the methods of counting.

Russia says that a large number of cases of infection is due to a large-scale testing program: more than 11.7 million tests were made. In many cases, people with a positive analysis do not have symptoms.

On Wednesday, official data showed that in St. Petersburg, the death rate last month was 32 percent higher than last year. This may indicate that there are more deaths from COVID-19 than reported.

The first batch of ventilators from America was delivered to Russia on May 21.

The official representative of the Embassy, Rebecca Ross, called the delivery “humanitarian aid from the American people for the Russians.”
According to her, Russia received a total of 200 devices as part of a $ 5.6 million donation.

“The technical conditions fully localize these ventilators of the highest quality, are equipped with documentation in Russian and are ready for operation,” she wrote on Twitter.

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