The Russian government has resigned

The Russian government, after a message to the Federal Assembly of Vladimir Putin, announced that it was resigning completely.

“These changes, when they are adopted, in all likelihood, and this will be done after discussion, as it was said, it will make significant changes not only to some articles of the Constitution, but also in General to the balance of power, Executive power, legislative power, and judicial power,” Dmitry Medvedev said.

He said that in the current situation, the Russian government should allow Vladimir Putin to make all the necessary decisions. Medvedev stressed that the government did the right thing by resigning under article 117 of the country’s Constitution.

Vladimir Putin thanked the members of the Cabinet of Ministers for their joint work. He promised to meet personally with each member of the government soon.
The President also asked the Government to perform its duties until a new Cabinet is formed.

On Wednesday, January 15, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly. He listed changes in the social sphere, as well as proposed several amendments to the country’s Constitution.

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