The Rolling Stones released the song in 1974, recorded with Jimmy Page

The famous British rock band, The Rolling Stones, released a previously unreleased song that was recorded back in 1974 with the band Led Zeppelin.

“The Song Scarlet. Originally recorded in October 1974, this track has never been released before. An important role in it is played by the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, and bass guitarist Rick Grech from the band Blind Faith also took part in the recording,” The Rolling Stones said in a statement on Twitter with a link to listen to the song.

As it is easy to assume, the song tells about a girl named Scarlet who broke the heart of the lyric hero.

“I remember that we came to the end of the Zeppelin rehearsal. They were leaving, and we were supposed to start, but I think Jimmy (Page) decided to stay. We didn’t plan it as a stand-alone track, it’s a trial recording but it turned out well,” Rolling Stone magazine quotes the band’s guitarist Keith Richards as saying.

The Rolling Stones ‘ albums, which have more than 20 Studio recordings alone, have a worldwide circulation of more than 250 million copies. Two hundred million records have been sold in the United States, and the band, formed in 1962, is one of the most successful in the world. In 1989, The Rolling Stones were inducted into the rock and roll Hall of fame, and in 2004, they were ranked fourth on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 50 most significant artists of all time. The last songs of the band – Doom and Gloom and One More Shot, included in the album GRRR! – were released in 2012.

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