The robot was taught to cook and wash dishes

A London-based startup has unveiled a robot kitchen that can cook and clean. However, the device costs the same as the whole house.

London-based robotics company Moley Robotics has unveiled the world’s first kitchen with built-in robots that will cook, wash dishes, and clean. The device costs around £ 248,000 – about the same as the average British home. The creators admit that this robot will not be available to everyone, but they have already received over a thousand orders. In the future, they want to create simpler and cheaper versions of the device.

“This is the first time we’re introducing a robot kitchen,” the researchers note. – Like all breakthrough technologies – cars, televisions, and computers – the development will appeal to enthusiasts and professionals and cost accordingly. But we expect our prices to decline as the volume and scale of production increases.”

The robot was developed with assistance from Tim Anderson, chef and the 2011 MasterChef winner. Anderson and his colleagues created 30 dishes to demonstrate the system’s capabilities, and they will add new recipes every month. The company said that in the future, customers would be able to choose more than 5,000 dishes from a digital menu and record their favorite meals.

The technology is equipped with two robotic arms developed in collaboration with the leading German robotics company Schunk. To reliably reproduce the movements of human hands, they allow the robot to extract ingredients from the smart refrigerator, adjust the hob’s temperature, use the sink to fill pots, and pour, mix, and plates in the same way a chef would.

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