The results of US sanctions against Russia justified Washington’s calculations

This was stated by a senior representative of the US Administration.

The new US sanctions against Russia are “quite close” to the results that Washington had hoped for.

This was stated by Dalip Singh, Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council.

According to Singh, the US goal was to act proportionately. The US has also sought to demonstrate that if Russia does not change its behavior or escalates tensions, it will pay a much higher price.

On Friday, the Russian Defense Minister said that troops previously deployed to the borders with Ukraine would return to their bases. The strengthening of Russian groups has raised concerns about the possibility of war.

Last week, US President Joe Biden imposed new sanctions on Russia to punish it for interfering in US elections, cyber-attacks, and other actions. Biden also signed an executive order that makes it easy to expand sanctions on Russia if necessary. Then Biden stressed that he does not seek to escalate the conflict with Russia.

These measures are only part of a broad strategy that the Biden administration is using against Russia.

“This is just a tool by which the strategy is implemented, creating opportunities for the diplomatic process,” Singh said. ” In the case of Russia, the goal of the process is a more stable and predictable relationship.”

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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