The Republicans have demanded to stop the certification of the votes in Pennsylvania

A group of Republicans is calling for the suspension of vote certification in Pennsylvania, the lawsuit says.

According to preliminary data, Pennsylvania and its 20 electors were won by Democrat Joe Biden with a margin of about 80,000 votes over Republican Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania has until Monday to certify, officially approved, the results of elections in the state, although it is unknown whether this will happen. The official result, recording the defeat of incumbent President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, de facto put an end to the trump’s hopes to challenge the courts’ election results.

Republicans, in particular, are demanding the repeal of the expanded postal voting law in Pennsylvania. Biden received about three-quarters of the votes cast in Pennsylvania by mail. This lawsuit is not formally related to the Trump headquarters.

Trump does not admit defeat in the election; his lawyers have filed several lawsuits, including in Pennsylvania. On Monday, the Trump campaign is expected to appeal to a court in Pennsylvania, which rejected the staff’s claims and accused Trump of trying to invalidate millions of valid votes.

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