The representative of Notre-Dame de Paris — about the surviving relics and the degree of damage to the Cathedral

The representative of the Cathedral Andre Fino said what destroyed the fire in Notre-Dame de Paris, which began in the evening on April 15. “Everything burns,” he said.

According to Andre Fino, the fire damaged the ceilings of the “XIX and XIII centuries”. He also said that the relics of Notre Dame de Paris are safe, they were not injured.

“All the sacred items are kept in the sacristy, there is nothing threatens to it”, — he said.

The Cathedral keep one of the most revered Christian relics — the crown of thorns of Christ.

the crown of thorns of Christ

The Cathedral was erected in the period 1163-1345 years. It is built in the Gothic style. Recently, the Cathedral was under reconstruction, the walls of the building were installed scaffolding. According to one version, the construction work could cause the fire.


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